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We Are Back

It has been a year, but we are back. We lost the domain name around a year ago, and with that lost focus of the tech industry. It was our own fault, but we got it back thanks to the folks at Godaddy, and now are going to be doing all new content, reviews, and gadget news. Stay tuned and ... Read More »

ICS For Samsung Epic 4G Touch From Sprint Released

In what Sprint users will think has been an eternity, Sprint has announced that ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich updates will be released to Epic 4G Touch users via an OTA update to users. According to various reports on the XDA development forums, it has already been downloadable and can be updated via a zip file to users phones. Read More »

Digg Sold For $500,000

Oh how the social media giants fall and their scraps remain for others to buy. In today’s latest casualty, Digg was sold for $500,000 to Betaworks. Digg, once the media darling and the social media sharing site that gained Businessweek and other media attention, now has been sold for scraps. Betaworks will absorb the company and its assets. Digg still ... Read More »

Google Plus For iPad Launched Today

Fresh off Google I/O, Google today launched Google+ for the iPad. Users of Google+ have been waiting for Google to release this app and its a huge addition to the Google iPad software lineup. Users are able to include hangouts, postings, videos, and more from the application. It’s available now on the iTunes store. Read More »

Dropbox Increase Storage With New Plans

Today, Dropbox announced major changes in the light of launches from Google Drive and others in the cloud storage race. They have announced 100/200GB storage plans and a potential future 500GB storage option. Pricing updates will be made tonight to their site. With Microsoft’s Skydrive offering 25GB for free and competitors like Box and Google Drive, it will be interesting ... Read More »

WordPress 3.3 Released. Updates and Updates

The ever so popular WordPress which this site is powered by, has been updated with tons of new updates and enhancements. New dashboards, toolbars, security updates, and an iPad optimized display has been integrated in this latest update. Full updates to the latest release are available on the site your review. One of the best updates available is a ... Read More »

Testing Blogsy from iPad (Review)

Mobile blogging is something that is becoming more and more popular with the advent of apps on the Android and iOS platforms. Android has numerous tablets available with the most popular blogging platforms including WordPress and Blogger offering programs for those tablets and devices. For the mobile professional and blogger, we have become more fascinated with programs that offer media ... Read More »

Review: the Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle is easily the worlds top selling dreaded for books and the Amsazon marketplace for Kindle books one of the best. Amazon has taken the Kindle to new heights with the release of the first color Kindle, The Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is a 7″ color reader that does so much more than books. It is built ... Read More »

Sprint ending unlimited 4g on hotspot accounts

Sprint has updated its policy effective 11/1/11 for its hotspot users to nix unlimited 4g data. With various reports on Engadget and Sprintfeed, data used on hotspot accounts will now be used in standard usage buckets. Changes like this do allow users to terminate their contracts with no ETF though. Unlimited 4g is appearing to go the way of the ... Read More »

Galaxy Nexus Revealed

Samsung yesterday revealed one of the worst kept secrets phonewise with the Nexus Prime. The Nexus Prime will be the latest Google flagship phone with a high resolution display, dual cameras, 1080p video shooting options, Android 4.0 and a Verizon Wireless carrier arrangement when it launches next month. Plenty of hype and leaks filled tech blogs before the announcement by ... Read More »

Ice Cream Sandwich Revealed

Google yesterday revealed their latest Android operating system labeled Ice Cream Sandwich. The latest updates include face unlocking, revamped music and social integration, and a bevy of overall system enhancements. Read More »

Apple iPhone event tomorrow. What do you expect?

Tomorrow is the big event for Apple as the media gathers at the Cupertino campus to see the unveiling of the latest iPhones from the consumer giant. Various rumors have spread regarding carriers, models, prices, and specs. Will it be a single phone, a iPhonr 4s, an iPhonr 5, or all of the above. At 10am tomorrow, the event begins ... Read More »

Sprint Getting iPhone 5?

The Internet and tech world has been buzzing about the possibility of Sprint grabbing exclusive rights to the latest iPhone from Apple. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Sprint has outlaid multiple billions of dollars to gain rights to the latest iPhone which will have unlimited data, 4g and wimax speeds, and faster processor and camera resolutions. ... Read More »

Amazon Kindle Gets Fired Up

Amazon this week launched their latest edition to their Kindle lineup. While minor revisions to the existing Kindles were made, the most dramatic overhaul was the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is a $199 7″ android based tablet which will let users consume the entire Amazon ecosystem which includes music, movies, books and more. Priced $300 less than the iPad, ... Read More »

Netflix or Quikster? Which Will You Use?

Netflix, the king of mail order dvd rentals, recently announced that they’ll be splitting their company into two divisions. One division will handle online streaming and the newly formed Quikster will spin off and be the traditional mail order division. Each division will operate on its own merits and run by different CEO’s and profit centers. With Netflix moving to ... Read More »

Google Plus Goes Public: Do You Plus?

Google this week has launched Google Plus to the public and has launched its public hangouts to the masses. Google Plus is the latest social feature by Google to compete with Facebook and other competing social sites. Up to 25 million users have already signed up for Google Plus and should launch many more millions in the near future. Mobile ... Read More »

Facebook Adds Third Party Content & More

Facebook today changed the social graph and has added content partners such as Netflix, Spotify, MOG, and more. Marc Zuckerburg led over a 90 minute presentation at the Facebook F8 Conference detailing the changes. The Facebook profile has now been altered and modified to reflect the ever changing social site. Users will be able to share their music and video ... Read More »

Why The HP Thinkpad Failed and Succeeded

The HP Thinkpad was the latest tablet addition to what is being considered an overloaded market of portable computing. Apple controls over 90% of the market with its iPad line of tablet computers and other Android variants including the Xoom and Asus Transformer line fill the rest of the tablet storefront. The HP Thinkpad featured WebOS which if you aren’t ... Read More »